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Interim Management
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Our Interim Management offer

Are you looking for a director or manager to temporarily replace a member of your team? Do you need help setting up procedures and recruiting new profiles? Do you need help managing strong peaks of activity and for us to assist you during these periods?

After several years in acting director roles, we have acquired all the necessary experience required for team management and implementing project management procedures or agile methodologies. Having international experience, we also know how to adapt quickly to the culture of a company while respecting cultural specificities. So, if you need help managing this transition, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Some examples of positions that we can fill for the short and long term.

Chief Digital Officer.

Whether in an agency or for more modest structures, we have already headed up teams of around twenty people. In some companies, the online department covered all professions related to websites which we managed as follows:

  • customer support
  • design
  • project management
  • development
  • e-marketing.

Budget management and 5-year strategies are of course part of our DNA.
Of course, if a department is already working optimally, our actions will be rooted in continuity with respect for what has already been put in place.
On the other hand, if you also want to structure your online department, we can help you set up procedures, best practices, train your employees and recruit new profiles.

Director of e-marketing and/or communication

Our 360° expertise in web/digital allows us to manage both technical and marketing aspects. So, if you need reinforcement for your e- marketing or e-commerce department, we can work together to optimise your income. In addition to classic budget management, ROI, and team management, we can intervene in the development and training of your employees on SEO, SEA, newsletters, etc.

During our various experiences, we have also managed client relationships and have been the main point of contact for all web and e-marketing questions.

Having worked in large groups, we can also work on domain name strategies or more traditional marketing and communication aspects such as respect for the brand (branding), acquisition of new customers, loyalty, etc.

Director of the Project Managers Office / IT Director

With more than 15 years’ professional experience in project management, agile methodologies are a daily topic of discussion. During our experiences as acting head of department, we had the opportunity to set up project management teams as well as IT and governance procedures for developments. Indeed, with an early career in development and infrastructure, we have been able to develop our knowledge of the more technical aspects and the different methodologies put in place. Moreover, as part of setting up the "project manager" team, I had the opportunity to recruit profiles and set up all the governance and project management procedures.

Finally, as mentioned above, as interim manager, our objective is above all to respect what already exists, especially if it works. In this case, we will manage the IT or PMO (Project Management Office) team and take care of the daily work pending the return and arrival of a new director.

Examples of missions:

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