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Transformation digitale
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Our digital transformation consultancy services

Do you need advice on which systems you need to implement for your company? Do you need to modernise them? With over 19 years' experience in systems implementation, we can help you scale-up your business. As a reminder, even if we have worked on ERP, our expertise mainly lies in the digital web and marketing tools. Here’s how we can help you in your approach.

Analysis and recommendations

Above all, we will take the time to understand your company, services and take stock of what you already have. Indeed, our objective is not to come up with ready-made solutions without understanding the challenges of your digital transformation and the culture of your company. After understanding your needs and existing situation, we will draw up specifications in order to precisely define your expectations, in terms of the risks and challenges to be met.

Implementing your project

Following the development of these specifications, we will search the market for solutions that best meet your needs, expectations, and, above all, your budget. We will also help you find and select the agencies and providers who will best meet your expectations.

We will also implement a roadmap to define a schedule of the different systems to be put in place, the costs, and the necessary resources. As a result, you will have a global vision of your project over the coming years. Of course, this plan will also incorporate an overview of system migration, interactions, and risks. Your employees will not be forgotten since their training in the various systems will also be integrated into this general planning.

Project management and delivery

As the driver of this digitisation, we will accompany you until the delivery of your project. We will take care of the management and direction of your project team. If necessary, we can also continue our collaboration after the delivery of your project to ensure that all your employees are trained and know how to use their new systems correctly.

Our experience of large international groups and the establishment of digital departments will help you in the implementation of new procedures and in the organisation of your new operational model. Indeed, our expertise will not stop at the end of the project and we will be happy to help you in setting up your structure.

Digitisation: for what and for whom?

Our experience in digitisation is mainly aimed at large international groups. However, we have also worked for smaller structures, and we know how to adapt our offer to the size of a company. Our offer is therefore also aimed at smaller structures wishing to develop internationally.

With more than 19 years’ experience in CMS, CRM, and other marketing tools, we work daily with tools such as OpenText, Prestashop, Drupal, SalesForce, etc. We will find the tools you need. In addition, we also have experience with SAP and know how to quickly adapt to other tools. We will always find the solution that best meets your need.

Independence and neutrality

In recent years, we have collaborated with many service providers and agencies present on the Belgian and international market. However, no partnership contract has been signed between ANLOBO and other agencies. Above all, we want to maintain our objectivity and neutrality in relation to projects. A service provider working for a large group will not necessarily be suitable for a more modest structure. In addition, as the market is constantly changing, we want to work with the best when choosing solutions and service providers. Thus, unless you have already chosen your supplier, we will endeavour to seek the best solutions and partners according to your needs, your budget, and your internal resources.


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