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Who are we?


Our digital consulting expertise

With more than 19 years’ professional experience in large international groups and more modest structures, whether in the capacity of a webmaster or digital department head, we have addressed the key issues related to website implementation. Whether for the implementation of methodologies or team coaching, we have the solution.

In addition, between Europe, the United States, and Shanghai, we have fine-tuned our knowledge and have been able to learn from each culture, sector of activity, and our array of collaborations. Thus, in order to share our knowledge, the desire to create a digital consulting company seemed the next logical step and this is how, in 2019, the ANLOBO company came to market. 

The main objective of ANLOBO is to offer consulting and 360° services in the digital domain.
The services are aimed at both small and medium-sized companies as well as large groups. They are tailor-made and cover services as varied as :

  • Support for digital transformation: understanding the business, analysis of the existing situation and the proposal of services to be implemented
  • Management of digital teams: digital, e-marketing, IT and project managers and design
  • Implementation of methodologies and optimisation of procedures for project management, IT, and e-marketing
  • Definition of needs for the implementation or redesign of a website and offering appropriate tools
  • Digital strategy: determining a 1-, 3-, or 5-year plan to be put in place. Budget and KPIs
  • Digital marketing / e-marketing: improving the visibility of websites and increasing sales by activating the different budget-defined levers (improving the visibility of a website in search engines by defining the SEO and SEA objectives,writing for the web, social networks, newsletters, etc.)
  • Management of technical teams (developers, IT) and choosing the best tools
  • Project and change management

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