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Mission head of department
Client PwC /Atos
Status Terminée
Localisation Huizingen et Zaventem
Project type Interim Management, Gestion de projets, Audit et recommandations
Duration 4 mois

IT Director - Head of i-social

This mission was carried out on behalf of PwC and the end client was Atos. It was a short-term mission with the main objective of launching a complex migration project and subsequently analyse the department structure in order to improve procedures and efficiency.

NB: the "i-social" department has developed the core activities of the Belgian social security and top-up insurance system.

Project management

As part of a new tender, the entire system had to be migrated to new environments. As the project manager was due to arrive at a later date, the mission's first task was to prepare and launch the project. It was therefore necessary to determine everyone's responsibilities, include new service providers, define needs and set up a schedule to outline the tasks and interdependencies between each stakeholder. It was also necessary to set up, define, and take control of the launch meetings.

This project launch has made it possible to fully understand the functioning of the current structure in order to identify areas for improvement in terms of developments and project management. 

Change management

One of the challenges of this transition project was the change in structure. Indeed, previously a single partner, the migration also involved the establishment of a new organisation in which new service providers would take over certain tasks. In order to support this change, it was necessary to work with the internal teams, the client, and the new service providers in order to define the responsibilities of each as well as the scope of action. As a result, an all-encompassing methodology and change communication was implemented to better prepare the internal teams for this change and help the client initiate the transition.

Audit of the department and its structure and recommendations

As previously mentioned, the i-social department was undergoing a major change. Previously working as a sole provider, the work was now going to be shared with 2 other providers. It was therefore necessary to initiate this transition by implementing new procedures and strengthening the methodologies already used (Scrum and DevOps). The procedures that already worked well were reinforced and new steps were proposed in order to better frame the projects and define the client's scope. Particular effort has been put into restructuring the JIRA software to enable request follow-up and implementation while respecting deadlines, costs, and customer requests.

To summarise this mission as head of i-social:

  • Programme manager
  • Interim management
  • Redefining procedures and strengthening methodologies already in place
  • Change management


Methodologies: Scrum et DevOps

Technology and software: Microsoft Project and JIRA

Type of projects: Migration, Infrastructure and development