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Client Les Bijoux du Nibou
Status In progress
Localisation Enghien
Project type Design, project management, and e-marketing

Les Bijoux du Nibou

Les Bijoux du Nibou is a brand that offers jewellery and crochet creations. All creations are crafted and handmade in Belgium, and available as unique items or in limited numbers. The jewellery is made mainly from crystal and beads or entirely of polymer clay. Since Les Bijoux du Nibou is a craft brand, online sales are the only marketing channel used. From setting up the e-commerce site to the implementation of the e-marketing strategy, find out how we developed the brand and helped sell jewellery in France, Belgium, and also Norway and the United States.

Definition of needs and implementation of the website

Les Bijoux du Nibou is a small traditional structure and therefore needed a website that was simple and quick to manage, low- maintenance, and affordable. The multilingual aspects of the site and search engine optimisation also represented challenges for this project. Indeed, online sales are the only sales channel, and it was therefore necessary to make the e-commerce site as visible as possible. Once again, with the budget being small, it was necessary to optimise the website as much as possible so that it could be indexed by Google. In addition, as Belgium is a multilingual country, the site needed to be available in at least 2 languages: French and English. To facilitate language management and avoid wasting time in content management, the translation import/export module solution was essential.

In order to best meet the expectations of this website, we carried out a comparison and study of the different CMS (= Content Management System) available. While an OpenSource solution seemed obvious, it was necessary to ensure that it was sufficiently robust and stable to allow the e-commerce site to grow and evolve. The Prestashop solution therefore seemed the obvious choice. In addition, to figure amongst e-commerce leaders, Prestashop offers basic modules that allow you to easily set up an e-commerce site. Thus, in addition to offering easy-to-create product pages and language management, the shopping basket and online payment system constitute the body (or core) of the CMS. We were thus able to quickly set up the website and customise it in the colours of the craft business. Designed in French, managing the English part was very easy thanks to the content import/export module. In addition, the secure website accepts principal online payment methods. Bank details do not go through the website but are managed directly by a module developed by PayPal.

Having implemented an agile methodology, this website continues to evolve according to the needs and new regulations governing e-commerce. Indeed, the first version of this site was launched in 2014!

E-marketing and acquiring new visitors

Our 360% skills in the digital field allowed us to go further in terms of the advice we offered for this website. Indeed, after having designed and optimised the website to easily manage the content, our efforts also focused on the e-marketing part. Although we occasionally run SEA (= Search Engine Advertising) campaigns to promote the website on search engines, our strategy has focused on optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content. Optimising keyword density, page structures, page names and images, this long-term work has
made it possible to successfully position the website on search engines. Some pages are thus on the first page of Google for certain keywords. The particularity of this strategy makes it possible for the site to be visible despite a very limited e-marketing budget. It is also long-term.

In parallel with the SEO strategy, we also worked on more traditional acquisition channels such as the implementation of newsletters via the MailChimp tool. The free version of this newsletter management system is easy to use and largely sufficient for the needs of the Les Bijoux du Nibou website. In order to best respond to the new habits of Internet users, social networks are also used to acquire new customers. Posts are regularly posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their objective? To promote the latest jewellery made available online and highlight promotions. Occasionally posts are sponsored in order to grow the community and generate traffic on the website. And because our goal is to streamline workflows and save time managing content, using Hootsuite enables cross-channel publishing, post scheduling, and community feedback tracking.

Finally, as our goal is to continue to develop the website and increase sales, the essential Google Analytics has been implemented on the website. We thus have a precise view of visitor acquisition channels and conversions and can adapt our strategy according to the results.


The Les Bijoux du Nibou website is positioned on the 1st page of Google for several keywords. On the strength of this success, sales continue to grow each year in Belgium, but above all internationally. Jewellery has thus been sold in France and Canada but also in the United States, Norway, Ireland, etc.


To summarise:

The website:

Methodologies: Agile

Technology and software: Prestashop, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL

E-marketing: SEO, SEA, Newsletters, and social networks. Hootsuite and MailChimp

Note: while we carried out the technical implementation of this website, the ANLOBO vocation does not involve developing websites. However, we can help you with the analysis and choice of tools, the selection of service providers, project management and the implementation of an e-marketing strategy for your website.